"Lizzie is a specialist in 90's pop and dance and will have everyone up parting but also mixed it up for some of our other cliental who enjoyed other genres".  

SGN Productions

Hi there I’m Lizzie and I have been professionally singing for about 10 /15 years. Before starting a career in bands I attended many auditions from xfactor and many more !

After trying to get famous 😂 I joined bands called movie magic and let’s get ready to rumble 90’s were I sang lead vocals. 

After this I took some time out and stepped in for many established bands as a lead vocalist. Until I got the opportunity to set my own band up tributing the 90’s 00’s dance music called naughty nineties were I sang lead vocals in this band for a few years. 


After a while working in bands I new it was time  to branch out on my own and start a solo career so in January 2019 I went solo and haven’t looked back!


I have been singing solo around the country entertaining with my two shows, one a tribute to 90’s 00’s dance music era and two my ultimate decades show ranging from music from all eras from 60’s to present day.


This is not just a job to me singing is  a passion and I always bring 100% to every performance.

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